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Aviation Scholarships: A New Twist

schoarship_blogTake a look at any list of aviation scholarships on the internet and you will find one thing in common. Each of those scholarships are focused on helping support an individual pilot in pursuing their aviation goals and dreams. It is great that there are so many aviation scholarships available . However, The Ground Effect Advisors feel strongly that there is a void in the landscape of aviation scholarships.

What is needed is an innovative look at how a aviation scholarships can help in building a sustainable community to benefit General Aviation. It is from this idea that my fellow Ground Effect Advisors and I came up with the first of its kind, flying club scholarship. The goal is to have a scholarship that focuses on creating a successful flying club where it might be needed most. This club can then help support a wide variety of pilots and the community around the airport. AOPA’s Adam Smith said “I love the idea of scholarships to help start flying clubs. Like a scholarship to help someone learn to fly, but a gift that keeps on giving back to aviation.”

Ground Effect Advisors is offering a scholarship to assist in starting America’s next great flying club. Leveraging broad aviation and flying club experience, we will help you create a flying club from the ground up. An application window has opened and will run from now through May 1, 2013. At which point we will select ten finalists with whom we will have more in-depth interviews to determine where we might be able to provide the most benefit to the general aviation community. We believe by helping to create a new flying club we will help a larger number of pilots.

We firmly believe flying clubs help keep pilots active and socially engaged. At the same time they are a perfect environment for developing new pilots as the community aspect of the club helps to foster a positive learning environment for new students. We believe if we can help launch a club it could positively benefit 25-50 pilots in a matter of months.

We hope this idea has you as excited as we are and will provide a welcome change to aviation scholarships. If you or anyone you know is interested in creating America’s next great flying club, please apply today!

Club Fly with Me

This is what you happens when you mix flying clubs and friendship! 44 pilots a lot of breakfast, and Frank Sinatra wannabe’s!!! Representing six Flying Clubs from three states met up this weekend at KJVL for friendship and flight. It was incredibly awesome. Don’t believe us? Just watch us serenade you.

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Turning Away Flying Club Members?

This week’s question comes to us from Susan in New York. Susan is wondering if there is a politically correct way to turn away an applicant that does not fit the culture of the club they are trying to build. Al, Louis, Marc and Todd share their thoughts in this week’s edition of Contact the Tower:

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Not-For-Profit Flying Clubs Competing with For-Profit Providers

This week’s question comes to us from Steve from Southern California. Steve is looking to create a not-for-profit flying club and is interested in learning how to coexist and compete with for-profit providers at the same airport. Al, Louis, Marc and Todd share their thoughts in this week’s edition of Contact the Tower: