Meet the Ground Effect Advisors behind Start A Flying Club:

Al Waterloo
Al knew he had an aviation problem when he got points taken off in Creative Writing class for writing too many poems about aviation. Since then he has absolutely embraced his passion and has taken it to the redline. Al has held nearly every job in aviation from delivering lost airline luggage to being a professional pilot. After finding the Leading Edge Flying Club in Chicago, Al has become a board member of the club and a professional hangar talker. Al is also the editor of & co-host of Simple Flight Radio.

Marc Epner
Marc’s love affair with aviation started at a young age. His typewritten note to Cessna requesting a brochure, translated to his first centerfold; a two-page spread of the airplane’s panel. It wasn’t until his college years that Marc took a job as a lineman at the local airport and earned his private pilot’s license. For various reasons, general aviation took a back seat for the next 25 years, until a chance flight in 2004 rekindled the spark and desire to make aviation a bigger part of his life and to introduce it to others around him. He is a co-founder and current president of Leading Edge Flying Club, a role he relishes. Marc is excited to be part of the community that revitalizes the industry and helps people achieve their goals.

Todd McClamroch
Todd is editor of a blog dedicated to Learning to Fly, When he learned to fly in 2004 he chronicled his experiences including the ups and downs and the costs of learning to fly. Since then he has shared his thoughts on General Aviation through this forum. He is a strong believer in the power of flying clubs to help slow or reverse the decline in the pilot population.


Louis Bowers
Louis has been a licensed pilot for six years, but like all other pilots has been trying to fulfill an aviation obsession for his entire life. Tapping into the social potential of general aviation both on and off the ground is what drew him to flying clubs. He’s been with his current flying club for over two years, which over this time frame has provided countless opportunities to enhance his airmanship, grow his bonds with other pilots through flying and non-flying experiences and share his thoughts on his blog, Sky Conditions Clear.