Flying Club Scholarship

Last year, Ground Effect Advisors offered a scholarship to assist in starting America’s next great flying club. Our goal was to drive growth of the general aviation community through an organization that would incent existing pilots to fly more and create multiple new pilots for generations to come. Flying Clubs were the obvious solution.

By leveraging our broad aviation and flying club experience, GEA created a play book to create a flying club from the ground up. After receiving over 120 applications, we announced the winner as Zachary Piech, who has since started Cape Fear Flyers out of Wilmington, NC (KILM).

Plans are in place to repeat the scholarship in 2014. Stay tuned to this space as we build our flight plan to repeat last year’s success!


Included from Ground Effect Advisors:

      • Flight plan: A customized playbook for starting a flying club to meet your specific situation
      • Checklist: Itemized list to support implementation of the flight plan
      • Minimum of 20 hours of consulting from team of experts
      • Document Library: includes template bylaws, club regulations, aircraft agreements and club rules
      • Website and Social Media consultation
      • The flight instruction experts at Simple Flight will provide insights and consulting on setting up a strong training environment at the club.
      • Flying Club Gear: Ten custom polo shirts for the club and a flying club banner.
      • Support from our Partners

Included from our Partners

        • AOPA: $1,000 seed money for starting the club.
        • David Clark: Two H10-13.4 headsets for the club.
        • Sporty’s Pilot Shop: An exterior cleaning kit so the club can keep the fleet clean.
        • Signature Flight Support: Gift Certificate for 50 Gallons of Avgas, perfect for supporting some club outings.
        • Cirrus Aircraft: A Cargo Caddy Plane Washing kit for keeping the interior in like-new condition after every flight.
        • Schedule Master: Six months of Schedule Master service for scheduling the club aircraft.
        • PilotEdge: Three months of PilotEdge professional air traffic control for flight simulators to help training within the clubhouse.
        • One Bearcat BC355C scanner and support setting up a LiveATC for the club’s home airport.
        • Heading 370: 10 shirts and logo design consultation.

Our Partners