sunshinesThe flying club push being seen throughout the industry is going gangbusters! Or to be a complete avgeek, the flying club push is at “full throttle”. Ground Effect Advisors is an active part of that effort; as evidenced by the launch of our scholarship to help start the next great flying club this past week. The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association is also a key player in the drive to build excitement among fellow aviators about the endless potential of flying in a community-based environment! The list of specific endeavors is too large to list here. All share the same passion and excitement as we come together to change the aviation world for the better.

Another piece of exciting news is that AOPA has asked Marc Epner of Ground Effect Advisors to lead the next AOPA flying club webinar. It only takes a few seconds of speaking with Marc to realize the amount of passion he has for aviation, flying clubs, and giving back! It’s contagious. Please join AOPA and Marc on February 13th, 2013 @ 8PM EST. Register to attend here: ‘Selecting the Right Aircraft’. Marc will be sharing some of his expert insight into the aircraft selection process and its
implications on a flying club’s fleet and membership. The content of the webinar is aimed not just at those starting a new flying club, but to aid in the growth and sustainability of existing clubs as well.

Marc will discuss:

  • Guidelines for establishing a club culture and its impact on the fleet make-up;
  • Fleet options and sources;
  • Ownership options; and
  • Identification of stakeholders, and understanding their value proposition.

With that as a backdrop, you will be poised to make something special happen at your local airport. If you feel your community could use a flying club, and you have the energy and passion to bring your vision to reality, please apply for the Ground Effect Advisors’ flying club scholarship. The scholarship will equip your club with the tools, advice, motivation and excitement to launch a successful flying club.